8 top HR tips

May 8, 2012

This is a summary of a short presentation I recently gave to Shaftesbury Chamber of Commerce.

Why 8? They asked me to keep the presentation down to 8 minutes

1/ Recruitment.

Always take a photocopy of a new employees proof of right to work in the UK – even if you’ve known their parents all your life!

2/ Internet, Email and Social Networks

Have a policy. Make sure your staff know what your rules are regarding using these, e.g. can they discuss your products/customers.

3/ Retention

Why do your best staff members work for you? Find out what motivates them. Maybe it’s a pat on the back occasionally or some flexibility with hours.

4/Health and Safety.

“It’s health and safety gone mad” Yeah well maybe it is, but if its the law you must comply with it or you are putting your business at risk.

5/ Grievances.

When does a staff members moan become a grievance? If you don’t have written rules about how your team should raise a grievance, the point at which a moan becomes a grievance is decided not by you, but by a tribunal. Get a Policy!

6/Long term sick.

Remember that someone on long term sick is accruing benefits such as holiday entitlement. Remember that if they are unable to work, they are not meeting their contractual obligations. Providing you follow the correct procedures you can end their employment contract.

7/ Retirement

There is no such thing as retirement any more. Do your older employees know this? Do they understand they will have to give you notice if they wish to stop working? Do you know what they intend to do? Talk to them.


Part of ACAS’s remit is to prevent employment issues getting to tribunals. They have an excellent website which gives you a lot of employer information and also lists their phone number, which will put you in touch with one of their experts. www.acas.ork.uk To keep us in gainful employment please forget this web address immediately!

For further information or a confidential discussion about any present or predicted staff issues, contact us on 0845 224 0048 or email sandy@resourcefirst.co.uk