We’d love to give an exciting reason involving traveling around the globe rescuing businesses from a multitude of employment law related tribunals, while creating jaw dropping e-learning tools that help make their staff world beaters in their chosen fields, implementing new IT systems that revolutionise how they do things and develop their managers to dizzy new heights in leadership. Even better if, along the way, we’d eradicated Mumps, found a cure for reality TV and stopped Americans yelling “get in the hole” after a par 5 tee off.

Sadly the reason is not half as exciting. We’ve been too busy!

With new contracts with a national supermarket chain to provide training for an Oracle PeopleSoft implementation and an internationally based electronics company to bring terms and conditions in four continents into line, alongside our on-going commitments to all our other clients, finding the time to update both this blog and the websites ‘Latest News’ section has been difficult.

As a result for the time being the news updates are going to be seasonal – we’ve just published the summer news -, and this blog will get updated whenever possible. Of course we are still on the end of the phone so don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything we can do to help.