This is a subject that seems to come up when ever there is a downturn. Whether it is a general economic downturn, an industry wide slow down or just a drop off in the sales ledger of an individual firm.  I remember it being a hot topic of conversation in the early 90’s when the economic cycle was going downwards, and discussed it in the board room under the subject title “Redundancy”.

I’ve always struggled to put forward an argument that you should not cut back, which as a Trainer offering a range of Training courses is a bit of a problem. For me there are a number of different reasons for and types of training;

  • Core skills that people need to carry out their jobs
  • Development training to increase the skills and abilities of the workforce or members of it
  • Feel good activities to help teams bond or as a form of reward

If a training budget is split into these three areas it becomes much easier to discuss and make decisions on what should be spent on which areas and where any savings can be made, rather than just taking a slice off the total budget.

There is no point having someone in a position if they do not have and are not given the skills or knowledge needed to do the job. For the other two areas the decision comes down to judgement. Will that talented member of staff leave if they don’t get the management training they’re after? Is there another way to get a team  to bond rather than sending them to chomp over the hills in Derbyshire.

Maybe in a time of hardship HR and training professionals need to take a broader look at how they advise owners, directors and managers. Less of the tickbox approach and more creative looking at the deeper reasons for a training request perhaps.

First Post

November 13, 2008

Hi and welcome to the Resource First blog.

This is the place where we will expand on the latest news section of the website with information on what we  and employment law are up to. It will also, no doubt contain a few rants at some of the more bizarre aspects of Human Resources, people who use the term “Holistic” in the description of the service they offer, form fillers and, when one of us is in a foul mood, life in general.

If anything on here causes you to hit the reply button in either praise or vitriol; good for you, we welcome the debate.

Not much to add to this opening gambit so here is a picture of the dog. Shy, but far better looking than me and he knows it.2008_1023_080238aa